About Wellpoint

Wellpoint Electronics Co., Limited is a leading independent distributor for semiconductors, electronic components and Computer Products. We supply OEM’s and contract manufacturers, as well as distributors throughout the world with state of the art, allocated and hard-to-find semiconductors and integrated circuits. View Wellpoint for Clients

Wellpoint Electronics Co., Limited stocks a broad line of devices and we source millions of products through our expansive vendor relationships. With an international network of over 200 suppliers including Manufacturers, Franchised Distributors as well as Independent distributors and a daily updated database containing detailed information on over two million components, we provide you with extensive information that enables us to offer a variety of different products to meet you needs.

We place our customers’ best interests above all else. In doing so, we undertake to provide you with up-to-the-minute spot market pricing and all other market information necessary to make an informed business decision, as well as our best services and solutions including prominent value added services and technology supports to meet your dynamic needs.Quality Commitement


The quality of our parts, the value we provide and the service we deliver make us the One Source and the One Solution for all your component needs.

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